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Check out the photo gallery of the many participants we interviewed for the documentary.

You can also have a look at some of the photos from our travel as we navigated 10,000 miles across America to interview a total of 70 people.



As part of our growing series of bonus content and special features, meet musician and sculptor Peter Leone.


 Two years in the making.

Nameless: Revealing a Generation is an ambitious cross-country documentary featuring dozens of interviews with Millennials and the experts who study generations, young adults, and cultural trends. The filmmakers traveled 10,000 miles throughout America, stopping in 22 states and 44 locations.

Interviews typically required a minimum of 2 hours, and often as many as four. Paring more than 150 hours of interview footage to a feature length documentary was a daunting task and required a full year of editing by the filmmakers. The additional footage will offer a lasting archive, a time-capsule perhaps, of the perspectives of a vast generation destined to shape our nation and world in ways that we likely cannot fathom today - however, some excellent predictions by insightful historians and generational theorists have come to fruition.


Emerging in the wake of financial collapse, in an era of extreme political polarization.

Arguably the nation's foremost historians on generations, Neil Howe and William Strauss indicate the birth years of Millennials as 1982-2004. Given that time span, there are 95 million Millennials - the largest generation in American history; larger than Boomers (66 million living) and Generation X (89 million living). As a broad cohort the Millennials are comprised of diverse and unique individuals, however significant unifying trends and statistics cannot be denied. In fact, their diversity is one of their binding characteristics. They are known as racially diverse, tolerant, conscientiously ambitious, and peaceful. They are the first generation in which more than 50% have attended college to some extent.


“The conclusions one may draw from this film will inspire many, vex those unwilling to accept an imminent future, and reveal false assumptions about America’s largest, most diverse, and most educated generation in history.”



Scholars, researchers, and spiritual leaders.

Top: Neil Howe, Jeffrey Arnett, Jennifer Tanner, David Burstein. Bottom: Rebecca Plante, Tim Fisher, Laura McCloud, Ari Plost

Top: Neil Howe, Jeffrey Arnett, Jennifer Tanner, David Burstein.
Bottom: Rebecca Plante, Tim Fisher, Laura McCloud, Ari Plost.

In addition to interviewing 60 Millennials, we also interviewed a number of professionals in great depth. Interviews typically required 2-3 hours as we covered extensive topics. This included prominent historian Neil Howe, who first coined the term "Millennials" in the early 2000s with his co-author William Strauss.

We also interviewed Dr. Jeffrey Jensen Arnett, who leads profound research efforts on the phenomenon of Emerging Adulthood, a term he first offered in the 2000s. Today, Emerging Adulthood is a considerable area of research among psychologists and sociologists.

We interviewed Millennial author David Burstein, whose book Fast Future: How the Millennial Generation is Shaping Our World emphasizes the tremendous positives, ambition, and progress offered by his generation.

We also spoke with Dr. Rebecca Plante whose research on sexuality and the hook-up culture is enlightening.

Dr. Jennifer Tanner and Dr. Laura McCloud bring insight as well on a variety of topics. In her research, Tanner focuses on the new "resource gap" that is a result of a slower transition from childhood, through the teens, into adulthood. McCloud specializes in research regarding how debt impacts young adults.

And finally, spiritual leaders from Christian and Jewish faiths provide their perspective as we take particular care to offer a balanced analysis of religion among the Millennials.

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